Let There Be Light – A Low Cost DIY Torch

Ramiro 2012/11/23

TheBetterIndia – Indian innovator Vikram Dinubhai Panchal’s simple and cost-effective answer to the problem of expensive lighting solutions is for anyone to try out! An industrial designer and lecturer by profession, Panchal chose one of the most common household items as his experiment- a light-bulb torch. The Do-It-Yourself torch is made up of simple components like a bulb of 2.6 watts, power cells of 1.5 watts, a connecting wire and the body, which can be made from common old office files.

‘You don’t need any formal education or training to create this torch; this encourages many, from students to craftsmen, to make it themselves. While students may explore it from the learning point of view, craftsmen or even a lay person may try it as a self-employment option.’ – Vikram Dinubhai Panchal

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